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ASIC Fracture Critical Fabricator

As an AISC approved simple bridge fabricator we've got the know how to get your rehab project pushed through to completion quickly, with a minimum of problems.

Shinnecock Canal

Fabricating the tide gates for shinnecock canal to keep this critical part of New York infrasturture going.  No gates, no canal.

Verrazono-Narrows Access Bridge

Fabricating the access bridge for the Verrazono-Narrows Bridge for inspectors to continue to easily maintain the protection pilings around the bridge base.

Waverly Avenue Over Pass Over L.I.E.

Fabricated the shims to lift this bridge up and keep it functioning for Long Island residents.

Heckscher State Parkway Bridge

Fabricated the reinforcing plates and angles to keep this bridge in use.

Verrazono-Narrows Access Bridge Gallery

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