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Here's a little bit more about us.

SBM is a New York based company specializing in the fabrication and manufacturing of steel.  All of our product is proudly made in the USA, using domestically sourced material.   Our philosophy is to get the job done quickly and help our core customer base, electricians and contractors get off the job; but we're always happy to lend a hand to home owners.


Below is a few more things we felt you should know about us.

We're an American Institute of Steel Constructors certified fabricator for Simple Bridge and Fracture Critical.  This endorsement enables us to fabricate for Connecticut DOT, New York State DOT, Florida DOT and many others.

Our Founder

Our founder Graham Scaife founded Stony Brook Manufacturing in September 1994.  Prior to that he worked for Carlan Manufacturing as Executive Vice President, manufacturing traffic poles and span structures.  He was part of the design team the developed the ASTM F1554 anchor bolt standard that is used today by almost every DOT in the US.  His continued prescence brings 35 years plus of DOT specific fabrication expertise, up and down the east coast.


He's been officially told he can never retire.

Stony Brook Manufacturing has had a 15 year distribution relationship with Valmont Structures divison, specializing in mast arm and strain poles for New York State.  


Valmonts design, engineering and fabrication excellence is unsurpassed, making them an invaluable organization for traffic work.


Anything they offer, we can get for you.

Our Sister Company Stony Brook Structures adds an addtional 56,000 square foot faciltiy on 5 acres in Florida to build rush structures and traffic poles, while focusing on Florida DOT work.  SBS of Florida is also an AISC certified company.

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